What Happens to Security Systems During Blackouts

Responsible homeowners understand the importance of having home security. Trusting that no one’s going to break in and hurt a family member is an unacceptable risk. A fully functioning home security system will end that perpetual fear and give the family peace of mind.

However, most security systems are vulnerable to blackouts and power outages. It’s during these power interruptions when burglars and crooks are usually on the move. The effect of outages depend on the type of home security system. The most vulnerable types of security systems are those that draw power from home power lines and operate via the Internet, since power outage also leads to Internet outage.

To keep a home security system functional 24/7 and provide maximum protection for homeowners, many home security companies provide a backup battery. When the power goes out, the security system automatically draws power from the backup battery and continues to do so until the power comes back. This battery is designed to last for a minimum of 24 hours.

The lifespan of a home security system backup battery depends on many different factors, including the age of the battery, its usual maximum temperature, and additional devices installed in the system to name a few. If the power outage is expected to last for several days─ which rarely happens─ it helps to ensure that all unnecessary elements that will draw power from the backup battery are removed.


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