Common Sense: A Good Alarm System

Never think that you've seen the last of a burglar who got busted by your security system. The experience will only make him smarter and better-prepared for another attempt. This is why it's important for you to stay one step ahead of intruders. Sometimes, common sense is the better security system.

Suppose that the burglar already knows that breaking through the front door or ground-floor window is a mistake. He might strike again but this time with a ladder to climb to your unsecure second-floor window. It's not uncommon to leave these windows open since it lets fresh air in while you get comfortable in bed.

Given that most homes come with HVAC systems, it makes no sense to leave windows open, even during the day. Therefore, you should keep your windows closed and install sensors on them in case the burglar tries to force his way through. In addition, look for any vehicle parked in front of your house, especially a pickup truck. It's the most sensible vehicle to carry a ladder.

Another effective way of making burglars leave your house alone is to protect your sources of contact information; i.e. mailboxes. Avoid printing your name on the mailbox and make sure you get one with a lock. Some thieves check for presence inside the house by giving it a call. If no one answers, it's open season for that house. 


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