Some Basic Facts About Burglary

Security is a necessity for every household to invest in. The odds of a house getting targeted for a burglary is low, but it has the same effect as betting in a casino game: when it hits, it hits big. It may not be as grand or dramatic as you’d see in movies or television, but it can be just as devastating, emotionally and financially.
That in mind, households need to understand how to protect their homes by knowing what usually happens in a burglary. Here are some facts behind the nature of burglary:

Most burglaries occur between 10am and 3pm. The usual connotation that burglars only strike at night is long gone: burglars target homes while the owners are away. Burglars will also try to break in regardless of weather conditions.
Burglars usually choose three points of entry: the front door, the first floor windows, and the back door. If they take more than 60 seconds when they try to get inside a home, they usually move on in order to avoid unwanted attention.

Security cameras help. Homes that have security systems tend to drive burglars away from the property. Unprotected houses are three times more susceptible to theft than their security-optimized neighbor.


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