Finding Spots for Effective Security Cam Coverage

Every home security system will have closed-circuit cameras as part of the package. In recent times, security camera footage has proven essential in identifying criminal suspects and even as material for video compilation shows like World’s Wildest Police Videos. Discretion, however, is often the better part of valor and when cameras are involved, placement is key to making the most of your investment.

The Other Side
You need to study your property with a bonded consultant from security companies in San Diego and most of the time, you must think like a potential intruder. Discreetly note down locations that even novice burglars would exploit to gain entry, such as doors with no exterior lighting and places not directly visible from the street.
Candid Camera… Not Quite
According to some security specialists, burglars often assume the presence of cameras at the front door and try hiding their faces to prevent being caught on tape. However, you can compensate for that by adding extra cameras at unconventional locations such as a plant box with direct line-of-sight to the door. The insides of the house can seriously challenge the suspects with covering their identities especially if a miniature camera was placed, say, inside a false smoke alarm box or light switch.

A camera hidden inside the most unexpected places can provide the key evidence in a crime. You can be sure the authorities, not to mention your loved ones, will be thankful for it. 


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