Enhancing Your Security System’s Effectiveness

San Diego, California was named the second safest large city in the United States in a 2013 CQ Press report. This, however, doesn’t mean that local homeowners can rest on their laurels. The first six months of the same year saw a 3.15 percent increase in property crimes such as auto theft, larceny-theft, and burglary. While the best way to deter would-be intruders would be to seek the help of a security systems provider, you can help enhance the effectiveness of these devices with a few supplementary tips:

Trim all trees and shrubs across your yard. This will make trespassers easy to spot and deny them convenient hiding places at the same time. Cutting any long branches will also deprive them of access to your upper floor windows. If you have money to spare, consider investing in lights to illuminate your property’s darker areas.

Seek the help of neighbors and police, especially if you’re going out of town. Have your neighbors check on your property every so often and notify you immediately of anything untoward. Get acquainted with the police patrolling your neighborhood; chances are, they’ll end up with personal incentive to ensure the safety of your home.

In the end, the biggest deterrent to break-ins are effective security systems from the most trusted home security providers. Seek their assistance in securing your home, and if you back them up with the above tips, you’ll stand a greater chance that your home won’t end up in property crime statistics.


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