Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe in San Diego

As the head of the household, you like to ensure that you live in a safe neighborhood. However, the reality is, in San Diego, an average of 32,320 property crimes occur per year, according to Your ideal option to keep your family safe is to follow these tips:

Have an emergency plan of action.
It's unsettling to even think about it, but you must formulate a plan of action suppose intruders manage to enter your home with the intent of causing you and your family harm. Create an escape route for you and your family to avoid danger, like a door in the basement that can lead you out of your home.

Make friends with neighbors.
You may want to make an effort to be close to your neighbors. This doesn't mean to go all Ned Flanders on them and be over-friendly. Small gestures like picking up their newspaper for them or handing over a puppy that has wandered off to your property can go a long way, and you can trust them to let local authorities know if they notice something unusual in your home.

Invest in security systems.

Mr. Wilson may be a good neighbor, but you can't rely on him to keep an eye on your home 24/7. For this reason, invest in security systems like motion sensor alarm systems to ward off criminals. To bring these crime perpetrators to justice, look into monitoring systems that can alert the police and catch them in the act.


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